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eVisie™© Corporate Compliance Studio

When it comes down to it, business is data – customer data, employee data, product data and financial data – which needs to be secured and monitored effectively. eVisie ®™ Corporate Control FrameWork enables rapid deployment of the following monitoring solutions for compliance and security best practices.

The Need for Auditing

Enterprises have never been more dependent on their data. For most, data is the life-blood of the organization. When data is compromised, business is at risk. Consequences of improper data use include, but are not limited to, damage to brand and reputation, loss of value in stock purchase price, customer attrition, fines and even lawsuits.

Additionally, accountability for the integrity of critical information is increasingly being legislated through a myriad of regulations. Among the most notable is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. The regulation will fundamentally reshape the way in which data is handled across every sector, from healthcare to banking and beyond.

To address GDPR sectors must have effective access controls in place for the databases where sensitive information is stored and accessed. At the same time, they need solutions that automate these controls to facilitate their need for a sustainable, cost effective compliance program.

The insider threat—privileged users

By many accounts the source of 70% of data corruption comes from internal users as a result of human error or fraud. Most organizations have numerous preventive controls associated with the use of applications that drive data. But, once information is in the database, it is subject to additional changes—authorized and otherwise. Privileged users, such as DBAs, developers, even managers, have ongoing and direct access to sensitive data, making it imperative to implement monitoring controls at the database level. The insider threat has become a focal point of audits as failure to monitor access of privileged users is among the top IT control weaknesses cited by auditors.

Sustainable, cost-effective compliance

Traditional data access controls have been manual, and therefore costly. They are also inadequate for today’s compliance requirements. Native database tools, available on some platforms, were not developed or intended for use as a complete, continuous database auditing solution.
Custom in-house developed tools violate the segregation of duties requirement (in example auditing the system should not be conducted by those who developed it). Recent technologies such as network packet-sniffing appliances attempt to automate auditing, but fall short as they capture only a subset of the relevant activity and are not designed to address privileged user access.

eVisie Corporate Control FrameWork the solution for who are burdened by the expense associated with manual compliance process and development of custom database monitoring tools.
The solution provides the tools to easily and cost effectively implement security and compliance monitoring best practices without custom development monitor heterogeneous database infrastructure in a uniform manner, centrally manage monitoring configuration and audit trails and automate compliance reporting.

Passing the audit

eVisie©™CCS has helped many enterprises in all kind of industries and address the pervasive issues that auditors most often cite as IT control weaknesses. Today’s business demands faster, stricter and more reliable control and inspection of your daily transactions. Pursuing for Maximum compliance upon regulations means direct reporting and opportunity to for immediate corrective actions instead of high volume of paperwork at the end of the month.
Control, Auditing and certification are not an easy task for most organizations which operate in critical transactional environments. Complying with signaling in time and reconstruction of transaction history most times are subject of manual processing and inspecting huge amounts of data. These are very time consuming activities of high skilled resources with no guarantee of completeness and timeliness.

Supports a sustainable compliance program

IT management understands well the investment it takes to address control weaknesses and pass the audit”. Given it’s likely that today’s requirements and regulations demanding strong IT controls for data access will only increase, organizations must build a sustainable, cost effective compliance program that aligns with business objectives. Unlike traditional methods for auditing database activity that utilize manual controls or inadequate approaches, eVisie©™CCS automates the collection, monitoring, alerting and reporting of critical information.

Authoritative, complete record no “backdoors”

DBAs, developers, and other IT staff members can, and often must, make changes directly to the database, bypassing preventive measures such as application and access controls that may be in place. An authoritative record of direct database activity facilitates reconciliation with change controls. While it’s tempting to “trust your employees”, the current regulatory environment and best operational practices dictate that all access to critical data systems must be audited in order to validate claims of data integrity. The principle of “trust but verify” is in the best interest of both the organization and its employees. In the event of suspected wrong doing, eVisie©™CCS provides organizations with proof beyond circumstantial evidence, and employees are protected from false accusations

Human error is one of the biggest risks to data integrity and may go undetected until the damage is done. And, most fraud is perpetuated for months before it is realized. With eVisie©™CCS alert capability, organizations are aware of key events when they occur. Further, once fraudulent activity is identified, the organization has a complete history of what happened in order to assess and repair the damage, quickly.

Strengthens security measures—ensuring preventive controls work

Prevention of data misuse, intentional or otherwise, is critical. These measures include perimeter security (such as firewalls and intrusion detection) and application controls. These preventive controls are important and necessary but without detective controls to monitor their effectiveness, the organization is left vulnerable. eVisie©™CCS augments security measures to form a complete IT security framework by using the eVisie©™ Corporate Compliance Framework (eVisie©™CCF). By monitoring activity at the source—the database— eVisie©™CCS helps assure security measures are working as intended.

Derives business value from audit data—reporting & analysis

Having a comprehensive record of database activity is critical, but by itself does not provide the organization with the true value of an enterprise data auditing system. The data that eVisie©™CCS captures from all audited databases is consolidated and stored in one or more centralized repositories. A rich reporting system, which enables the management and viewing of reports, gives management and administrators the ability to query and share information about collected data.

Whether you choose an on-premises or hosted deployment model, our global network of ITurnITy partners can get you up and running quickly with tools to accelerate installation, set up and extend core functionality, and migrate data from your legacy systems. And there’s more. ITurnITy’s solutions are backed by a commitment from ITurnITy that includes a 5-year support life cycle for each major release—combined with an ongoing investment in research and development—so that you can grow your business with confidence, knowing that your business management solution can keep up with your ambition.


With eVisie©™CCS, you benefit from a team of leading professionals skilled in assessment, implementation, and maintenance. With experience helping organizations solve the most critical data management challenges, ITurnITy’s team has the know-how to help facilitate the most complex data auditing challenges.

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When it comes down to it, business is data – customer data, employee data, product data and financial data – which needs to be secured and monitored effectively. eVisie ®™ Corporate Control FrameWork enables rapid deployment of the following monitoring solutions for compliance and security best practices.

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